People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

I Wonder…Pt. 2

Read the first seduction here


I forgot this part…


I wonder how the wet tip of your tongue would feel on my little clitty


Would you lick each side of it, and then then down the middle?


Would you suck on it?


Would you talk to it and tell it to swell up for you, get hard for you, stand up for you, or maybe even


just for your toungue?


I LOVE to lick the juices I create for you off of your chin…It’s like I’m tasting myself off of the face of a King


Maybe we could do something really nasty and you allow me to sip my own juices out of your mouth?


We could switch it back and forth and let it roll all over our tounges, like kids do with bubble gum.


I feel like a kid with you sometimes, exploring.


I hope you enjoyed my little journey.


Where do you wanna take me? I’ll follow you anywhere…


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