People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

I Wonder…

This was posted about a month ago on a social network. It was a subliminal message to someone deeply special to me…and they weren’t even speaking to me at the time. Just goes to show desire knows no “No’s”…(evil smirk)


My hand is on laying on top of my pussy, but it should be your hands


I love your hands. I always look at hands on man, yours are big and strong…


So what I want you to do is just massage, just knead my pussy like you really need it.


I wonder…


I wonder how you would be with her.


I imagine you would go slow, I wonder would you spread her lips open like a delicately petaled flower?


Would you examine it like a doctor would?


That sooooo turns me on…I would lay there totally open while she just starts oozing slippery wet liquids that make your fingers nice and juicy.


I want you to smell her


I wonder would you put your nose in it and inhale and breathe on her with desire?


I have a feeling you would put your middle finger all the way inside me and start playing with my g-spot…that would make me say things that right now I’m “much to shy to say.”


I’m in so much pain, but wanting you eases it.


So I’ll just lay here in bed touching myself and calling out for you, because I know you want me too.


I feel better already…


2 responses

  1. Wow! I love it

    November 2, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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