People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

Screamin’ Sex Demon

I’m really vocal and LOUD during lovemaking, and I LOVE it. One time it totally killed the mood of one lucky man, because the neighbors banged on the wall. Jealous they were, I say…but this is why I SCREAM…


It’s not so that he can say….I made her scream like that

It’s because I have a screamin’ sex demon inside of me

Yearning to get out

And…she needs her breath to flow like the living waters

From my pussy

Jesus spoke of those living waters

And yes they give you life…

I taste my secretions so sweet…sticky…almost white

Foaming like ocean…

while my breath vibrates my vocal cords…

my mouth a wet receptacle for cock

(so far…)

tongue presses down as the volcano erupts

and i fucking scream as loud as i can

that you are loving me


and you are fucking me


that i’m gonna come….

as one orgasm runs into the next…

my voice gives life to them

i will not muffle the screams

something is being born

ripping out of me

as painful as it is sweet

a screamin sex demon

devouring all silence…



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