People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

I am a Black Female Body Nudethusiast

I’ve always loved to show my tatas, titties, boobs, breasts, whatever you want to call them. I get a rise out of arousing two things: disapproval and sexual feelings. There may be some spiritual science behind this phenomenon of women baring breasts (I even made a movement out of it…) and more to the world…after being suppressed for so long, how can you blame us? Via Kenya K Stevens:

As feminine-balance is being established on the planet, females no longer allow themselves to be ruled by shame, and know that the neither the beauty of their soul or body is corruptible. 

The female spirit loves to nurture and enliven others, knowing that as a mirror for Kundalini Shakti, it contains the powerful potential to arouse Kundalini in others. Because of this, devis (often) feel excited by the idea of displaying intimate portrayals of their beauty for others to see.

I find this to be very true for me. Here’s proof (snicker)…It was a Sunday afternoon and I had my good friend Tamara over for a vegan brunch. We caught up on our lives and I complained about not being able to get into school. She said, “if you wanted to be in school you’d be there.” I took that day on and over a year later I had done several nude photo shoots, was an extra in a few television shows, and I became a columnist for a local paper and rubbed elbows with the top editors at Essence magazine. I really was free. This one of the pictures that kicked it off. I posted it along with a few others on my Model Mayhem profile and my journey as a Black Female Body Nudethiast began. (I coined that term. You can’t use it unless you say my name ;) These were taken on my balcony at my old apartment, my roommates were home, and I have to thank Tamara for making me look so good in the broad daylight of that fateful Sunday afternoon. We used my phone and it was the best rush ever. Made feel kind of tingly…(drip, drip)

Nothing like the rush of knowing the neighbors might see you.


3 responses

  1. Randy Parks

    Always in love with being a nudist and love others who enjoy the freedom as well. So many people always want to make you feel somewhat ashamed to be. I feel sorry for them. Their spirit is trapped. I will always enjoy it as my mind body and soul will dance naked.

    October 31, 2013 at 6:45 am

  2. Cuba

    I’m a closet nudist and I live in Uganda. I’m very much interested in your blog and who you are as a person. I think you are cool and refreshing character, your body too. mind if you got back to me I think a friendship can ensue.

    for now, stay nude and true, you roc

    December 20, 2012 at 6:58 am

  3. Free, embracing feminine and sun kissed by the sun!

    November 2, 2012 at 6:58 pm

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