People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

A Woman Is Gracious…

So, I realize, if you’re a beautiful woman…you’re just a beautiful woman. You’ll get messages from everyone telling you so even if you don’t believe it fully. I don’t, but I think I’ve found someone who does. I’m working on the broken places…and I can’t turn my magnetism off. I want to shun other men who approach me but I can’t… I won’t. They are there and they deserve a certain type of love from me as well, after all, I attracted them. But…no one gives me that feeling like he does. No, not right now. I guess I know what he means about ending things abruptly and starting things organically. I think one thing about unconditional love or authenticity may have something to do with your feelings and always being true to them, living your truth. My heart doesn’t WANT to be mean to other men but my head tells me I should do so. That was when I was young. Now, I feel myself becoming a woman. A woman is always gracious to all men who compliment her, even if she’s not in love with them. I don’t ever want to cut off what made me desirable in the first place. If I’m alluring I just have to accept that. What can I say, it’s my fate. But, they won’t get everything… My heart is too full to accept anyone else at the moment.


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