People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

Some women envy the woman who does nothing

Some woman envy the woman who does nothing

Who all she has to do is sit, and be

And all others are attracted to her.


I dance live love write create..exPRESS..

I can’t be any other way.

For many many many days I will say nothing

But when the dam is broken,

When the tiger is un-leashed

Watch out.

I don’t hide.

I’m here, I’m fire, I’m NUDE, and I’m LOUD…

I am bellowing out.

I am an explosion of the best things in life.

I am expansion, sprinklings of light, tingling sensations all over your body, and eyes

being pulled up and behind and to the back of your head as if by an invisible curtain.

I am woman Goddess playful child innocence and creativity who knows know bounds

I am Life! Ahahahahaha!

Laughter! Love!


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