People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality

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MUSE & MUSIC: Stimela by Wynter Gordon

Just the right touch of tribalism, spirituality, and sexiness. I love this video and it fits perfectly with the mood of this space. I especially appreciate the androgynous character who performs African dance …enjoy:


Devotion…sweet (D/s)

Today I woke up totally feeling like I wanted to be of service to my man. I wanted to pamper him and put him to bed while I cooked, cleaned, and checked on him periodically to see if he had any further requests. I wanted to make sure that everything in his environment was to his liking: peaceful, serene, and beautiful. I felt my former inner flight attendant emerge, and it is at that time in my life that I was discovering just how childlike grown men can be, and I of course wanted to treat him to some mile high love.

As I imagined him completely relaxed, rested, and fully ┬átrusting me to take care of him, I began to realize that it wasn’t simply the act of serving that made me wet. It was the idea that I trusted him to be in authority over me (although non consent is a turn on as well). The idea of being dominated in and out of the bedroom is a hugely arousing concept for me, and that takes trust. As the fantasy took more twists and turns, the arousal moved to deeper and deeper parts of my womb and abdomen; it was almost like a dull ache. I was going to bust a serious nut thinking about him. I actually went to a place of full submission, where finally my hands were tied and I couldn’t move, and he was completely taking ownership over my orifices. He said he’d be a good boss, and I wanted to be a loyal employee. Fuck that, I wanted to be his slave.

Here are some songs that came to mind during the day:

And this…

And this…listen to the words, don’t just go off of the title. She says

“I offer you my sweet devotion…I wanna make it easier for you…I’m not perfect but my aim is to…be here and now…”

These are the lyrics that most resonate with me. Mmm…I just had to share. Me’shell Ndegeocello is such a sweet androgynous spirit and her voice is pure black silk over this song. Enjoy…and lay down with someone in sweet devotion…just don’t burn the food…