People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality


Songs of the Summer of ’96 and, of course, Love.

Toni Braxton. Detroit ’96. I was getting in trouble a lot in school and my sister was sent by my parents to talk to me, about how I wouldn’t be able to go to Detroit over the summer if I kept getting in trouble. I went anyway. (Spoiled then. Still am.)

For every summer there is an album that defines it for YOU. Maybe a few. For that summer, in that city…on 8 mile and 7, it was this…

toni braxton secrets album cover

“…Can you keep a secret?”

The songs activated my heart chakra, before I even know what that was….I was in the 6 or 7th grade! My sister cheated on her boyfriend, by kissing another guy (rolling eyes) and I had  HUGE CRUSH on my brother’s friend (who understandably, at that time, paid me no mind)…I cried to “How Could An Angel Break My Heart.”

It’s time to remember good music. It’s time to remember the summers that changed our lives before we understood what transformation was….when we danced for the first time at strip clubs at 14 and were encouraged by our older sisters to “drink that drink!” We have to remember LIFE.

This album embodied future dreams when I THOUGHT I knew something about Love, illustrates lessons and themes that I USED to feel, (but I’ve broken through those old paradigms, for instance one of the songs “Why Should I Care?” asks a question that I know all to well the answer to “because you are a reflection of me,” and also speaks of not being able to forgive. Which, I can’t say that I’ll never reach that blockage again. But for now, I am clear.)

This album also seems to paint pictures that are currently framing the walls of my mind. “You’re Makin’ Me High,” (cause my pussy is HOT) and “I Love Me Some Him” …Not anyone in particular…that kind of Love is kind of a….mishmash of many feelings for many people at any given time expressed in different ways…And, I’m just grateful for my capacity to feel that deep.

Deeeeep….when she says I gotta “Find Me a Man…sensitive eyes….sensitive MIND…” It was the first time I had actually heard that line…really HEARD it…then I said….wow. I’ve come a long way…I manifested this man and I never knew or even recognized that this is something people SING about. Powerful.

So, give it a listen…cause to top it off…Babyface’s lyrics and arrangements…and Toni’s vooooiiiiccceee, omgeeeeee…….I’m gonna shake HARD tonight.


Strange Love: Nathan Trice Explores Intimacy, Courtship, and Love in his Strange Love Episode Series

Delving into creative expression, in an attempt to match the unmatchable visions and aural frequencies of that which I partook of on Dec. 14th for Nathan Trice’s Strange Love:  EPISODE 5 (there were 4 previous episodes) Eroticism/Memory: Exploring courtship, intimacy, and love at performing arts space Free Candy in Brooklyn, I present to you this poem as a type of artistic review the best way I know how to give it ya’: in my own way. I am not a dancer, but an artist just the same, untrained and unconstrained by societal or industry standards for what a review should be. I sometimes think the brightest ideas are the most scary, and I step out on faith hoping my little contribution to this small project will impact the way people write reviews for years to come.

nathan trice rituals

In the dark and slow buzzing room that held a miraculous night within its walls…
Holographic images play in the background ‘neath synchronistic movements;
Vocal tones incorporated in the dance
As the man’s body folded to the tones of the feminine siren call to a sweet death
of the ego:
It was simultaneously an innocent call to love.
Not the “thing” love. But the “action.”
She is a singer
Why do dancers have to be singers too?

An original song by Nathan put me in a sentimental “Mood;”
The Asian man was a noodle;
I get the feeling they were improvising;
Representing what we all do in relationships
Trying to see into me
Attempting to reach intimacy;
We use eroticism and sex and our dicks and pussies as a means,
But riding that banana boat, do we ever reach our intended destination?
Yes, you climbed into me and tasted my rivers but did you, into me, see?
It’s fitting that the women would be vocalizing and the men silent;
That mirrors many a relationship;
Some women pine and pine away for affection and sometimes feel like they’re get drippings,
like from the meat from a pan…

The dance with chairs showed me how two people in a relationship mirror the other’s actions because THATS WHAT THEY THINK THE OTHER PERSON WANTS THEM TO DO!

And sometimes the naivety that everyone who is close to us thinks the same way makes us a fool.

The Asian girl had a b-boy break dancing approach,
A definite display of the dance between masculine and feminine;
There was a jazz trio,
Playing “Acknowledgement” by John Coltrane – isn’t that what we all want?
That room held a night and feeling,
And we were all one.
Nathan Trice was wise;
He told a story. It was a sacred dance.
It was moving, if you are able to be moved by any such thing.

For more on Nathan Trice and his dance company go to

MUSE & MUSIC: Stimela by Wynter Gordon

Just the right touch of tribalism, spirituality, and sexiness. I love this video and it fits perfectly with the mood of this space. I especially appreciate the androgynous character who performs African dance …enjoy:

Devotion…sweet (D/s)

Today I woke up totally feeling like I wanted to be of service to my man. I wanted to pamper him and put him to bed while I cooked, cleaned, and checked on him periodically to see if he had any further requests. I wanted to make sure that everything in his environment was to his liking: peaceful, serene, and beautiful. I felt my former inner flight attendant emerge, and it is at that time in my life that I was discovering just how childlike grown men can be, and I of course wanted to treat him to some mile high love.

As I imagined him completely relaxed, rested, and fully  trusting me to take care of him, I began to realize that it wasn’t simply the act of serving that made me wet. It was the idea that I trusted him to be in authority over me (although non consent is a turn on as well). The idea of being dominated in and out of the bedroom is a hugely arousing concept for me, and that takes trust. As the fantasy took more twists and turns, the arousal moved to deeper and deeper parts of my womb and abdomen; it was almost like a dull ache. I was going to bust a serious nut thinking about him. I actually went to a place of full submission, where finally my hands were tied and I couldn’t move, and he was completely taking ownership over my orifices. He said he’d be a good boss, and I wanted to be a loyal employee. Fuck that, I wanted to be his slave.

Here are some songs that came to mind during the day:

And this…

And this…listen to the words, don’t just go off of the title. She says

“I offer you my sweet devotion…I wanna make it easier for you…I’m not perfect but my aim is to…be here and now…”

These are the lyrics that most resonate with me. Mmm…I just had to share. Me’shell Ndegeocello is such a sweet androgynous spirit and her voice is pure black silk over this song. Enjoy…and lay down with someone in sweet devotion…just don’t burn the food…