People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality



Ode to my (friend’s) daughter.

Welcome to the world. We need you. Become who you fully are. Naseyah Naseyah Naseyah. I don’t even know how to spell your name. But I hope to never forget it. This is for you…”bursting out of me.”


NEW EROTICA: The Marital Position

Look to Womb Noir to be a space for all things sexual, shadowy, and seductive. Here is a little taste of a new collection of erotica and a note from the author, Kenya Nushen:

There is a dire need for marriage to be explored in erotic literature. Where are you and your partner on the spectrum of sexual expression? Wherever you fall, be it romantic and intense or wild and creative, you’ll find an image of your true exotic selves in any one of these stories. So please enjoy the teaser…and I hope for you to enjoy the book even more!

I Wonder…Pt. 2

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I forgot this part…


I wonder how the wet tip of your tongue would feel on my little clitty


Would you lick each side of it, and then then down the middle?


Would you suck on it?


Would you talk to it and tell it to swell up for you, get hard for you, stand up for you, or maybe even


just for your toungue?


I LOVE to lick the juices I create for you off of your chin…It’s like I’m tasting myself off of the face of a King


Maybe we could do something really nasty and you allow me to sip my own juices out of your mouth?


We could switch it back and forth and let it roll all over our tounges, like kids do with bubble gum.


I feel like a kid with you sometimes, exploring.


I hope you enjoyed my little journey.


Where do you wanna take me? I’ll follow you anywhere…

I Wonder…

This was posted about a month ago on a social network. It was a subliminal message to someone deeply special to me…and they weren’t even speaking to me at the time. Just goes to show desire knows no “No’s”…(evil smirk)


My hand is on laying on top of my pussy, but it should be your hands


I love your hands. I always look at hands on man, yours are big and strong…


So what I want you to do is just massage, just knead my pussy like you really need it.


I wonder…


I wonder how you would be with her.


I imagine you would go slow, I wonder would you spread her lips open like a delicately petaled flower?


Would you examine it like a doctor would?


That sooooo turns me on…I would lay there totally open while she just starts oozing slippery wet liquids that make your fingers nice and juicy.


I want you to smell her


I wonder would you put your nose in it and inhale and breathe on her with desire?


I have a feeling you would put your middle finger all the way inside me and start playing with my g-spot…that would make me say things that right now I’m “much to shy to say.”


I’m in so much pain, but wanting you eases it.


So I’ll just lay here in bed touching myself and calling out for you, because I know you want me too.


I feel better already…

Screamin’ Sex Demon

I’m really vocal and LOUD during lovemaking, and I LOVE it. One time it totally killed the mood of one lucky man, because the neighbors banged on the wall. Jealous they were, I say…but this is why I SCREAM…


It’s not so that he can say….I made her scream like that

It’s because I have a screamin’ sex demon inside of me

Yearning to get out

And…she needs her breath to flow like the living waters

From my pussy

Jesus spoke of those living waters

And yes they give you life…

I taste my secretions so sweet…sticky…almost white

Foaming like ocean…

while my breath vibrates my vocal cords…

my mouth a wet receptacle for cock

(so far…)

tongue presses down as the volcano erupts

and i fucking scream as loud as i can

that you are loving me


and you are fucking me


that i’m gonna come….

as one orgasm runs into the next…

my voice gives life to them

i will not muffle the screams

something is being born

ripping out of me

as painful as it is sweet

a screamin sex demon

devouring all silence…