People live better when they're inspired..this is to honor the seat of my creation and sexuality


Tossed Salad, Anyone?

Now here is when the posts start to get juicy, and I’m loving  the direction this blog is taking. Did you know I started a sex diary at 16, when I was still a virgin? I think there was an entire year where I did nothing but think about sex and masturbate. I would literally stay in my room for hours at a time trying to make myself cum. One of the topics that came up recently while talking to a few sisters online was ass licking. A woman posed a question: “Do you like having your ass licked?” Well, do you? Lol. I know I do. But it didn’t start out that way….

The first porn dvd that I bought that ever focused on ass worship was called “Lick the Can.” It was high quality porn, very arousing. But it wasn’t until a few years later that someone actually had done it for me. They turned me off from it for years to come, because who likes to feel numb during any sex act? It can be a total waste of time, and during love making there is no time to be wasted unless it’s pleasurable.

He told me to go take a bath. I was very submissive to him, and that in itself was interesting. I came back in the room, cold from the draft of air, nervous, wearing nothing but a towel. I put on my pj’s, a tank top and little cotton shorts, and I got into bed. He was watching cable tv and I was lying on my stomach. He rolled my little cotton shorts down my long legs, the shorts left little to the imagination anyway, my ass checks peeked out from the bottom, and he proceeded to massage my gluteus maximus. “Mmmm…” I moaned, it felt so good, to have these muscles kneaded that were barely touched except by, a g-string, jeans, black pants, and a dirty subway seat. He tickled me with his small pecks, kisses, and licks on my round, brown, ass. I was getting wet, anticipating what was to come. Then he spread my cheeks wide open. I was embarrassed, I don’t think I had anyone look directly at my ass before, and I buried my face in the pillow out of shyness. The lights were one. The tv was gurgling with background noise. The he did it. He put his slimy hard muscular tongue on my asshole. He moved it around, fast, and it felt like nothing. I’m so sorry…you are not as disappointed as I was that very night in my very demented boyfriend’s apartment. I think that’s what it was…there was a emotional/spiritual/sexual disconnect–I just didn’t feel anything when he licked my can.

A few years later, I met someone with whom I had an instant sexual connection. I mean we made out on the New York City streets up against a wall in broad day light. It was that intense. While I’ll never know whether or not it was a case of it burning out quickly or “out of sight out of mind, I do recall an ass licking experience with this man that surpassed the previous one by far. We were, what my good friend calls “going at it,” and he had turned me around with my ass right up against his hard and wet dick, which he had just pulled out of my throbbing pussy, I thought it was going to be a simple case of him hitting it from the back, but suddenly I felt my ass checks curtly pulled apart and his moist and wiggly tongue massaging my hole. I was moaning then, and it almost makes me moan now to think of how good it felt, and I even thought about the last time, although probably not during the act. I was in too much bliss to do comparisons until after my pussy had gone back to it’s normal wetness..not drip dripping like it was when he was eating my ass.

Different people can do different things to you, for you, on you, and it can feel different every time. I’ve never even thought of returning the favor, especially on a man, but I think there is something dirty-sexy about licking someone’s ass. I find it to the ultimate in submission and enthusiasm to please, which is an element that makes any sex partner immensely more desirable. An inevitable part of ass worship, tossing salad, ass-licking, rimming…whatever you choose to name this illicitly desirable act, I hope your ass enjoys it.